After the terrorist attack in Paris. I felt I could not keep quite!. TV and the media is really putting more of this negativity into our minds. We can´t just make one group of people guilty about it. We are all part of this. We are consuming violence in a way or another….what is you…

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Love your Nature

Plastic pollution has multiplied by 10 since 1980. Each year we discharge between 300 and 400 million tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other wastes into the world’s waters. Species extinction risk: approximately 25% of species are already in danger of extinction in most groups of animals and plants studied. Natural ecosystems: they…

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Photo taken after a walk at the contemporary art fair in Berlin ABC. Disappointed from the art presented and still inspired by this meeting. ABC Digital print on paper 70x100cm 2016

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Ich bin nicht tot

Ich bin nicht tot, Je ne suis pas morte, I am not dead, No estoy muerta. Who are the 43? They are 43 students that disappeared in Mexico the 26th Sept. 2014 in Ayotzinapa. The video constantly repeats the phrase “I am not dead” in different languages. This alludes to a call to human conscience…

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Das apokalyptische Lamm

Das apokalyptische Lamm Pencil and Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 60 cm 2016 «Und ich sah mitten zwischen dem Thron mit den vier Wesen und den Ältesten ein Lamm stehen wie geschlachtet…


175 € Billions were spent in 2008 for Luxus gods. One third of all produces aliments (1.3 Millions Tonnes) is never consumed. In this video Jacqueline Delaye  show us through a slow…

I Want to Come

OUI! I Want To Come is a video created in 2008 in Berlin. Music by LadyKunst Lyrics by Juan Diosdado

IT looks difficult but it is not…
It's an ordinary day, like today. You leave your house ready to live what you think your world is. Your voice is ready, your heart goes to its normal rhythm, to its…
2017-2018 Online Magazin

lady Kunst was invited every month in the publications of the german Culture  Magazine  An Online Magazin about culture, music, literature and art.


  From the series of capitalism. Racism. In the early 1960s it seemed to many that the elimination of racism in the U.S. was proceeding without requiring a radical restructuring of the…

I am not Mexican but Bamberger

“I was on the search of my self. I was frustrated, alone without speaking german in a little city where my aritistic capacities were seen as “not german”. I kept days and…

Buchtrailer für Satans Spielfeld

Buchtrailer für Satans Spielfeld. Film: Tan Kadam, Cast: Lesley MarieLiebl, Schnitt: Ladykunst Jacqueline Delaye, Musik: Fran Patzig . und hier der Link zum Buch: Ute Cohen


    EVA Digital print on paper 150cm x 100cm 2017

Art is revolution

Jacqueline Delaye has a multidisciplinary background based in social studies and arts. She studied Social Anthropology in Mexico city. Cinema and Tv in Barcelona and Art and Culture Management in Paris. She worked as a video artist and documentary filmmaker around Europe.
She lived and worked in Berlin, Germany during 11 years, after living in different countries like USA, England, France, Spain, Italy and of course Mexico the place where she was born.
Now she lives in Portugal in the island of Sao Miguel, where she takes the inspiration of nature. She focuses on the social anthropological aspects of the human being reflecting the adaptation of culture through arts.


Born: French-Mexican 17.02.1978 Guadalajara, Mexico.


Television, Cinema, Video, IDEP Barcelona.
Drawing and Painting in CEAC Barcelona.
Management and production of art and culture IESA, Paris.
Organisation and design of museums and galleries, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
Study of art history and evaluation of art works, Casa Lamm, Casa de Cultura Mexico city.

Colloquium “A brief history of Goya” Museo Nacional de Arte , Mexico City

Fotografie Centro de Cultura Coyoacán


2016-2018 Videos Capitalism in German online Magazin Culturmag
2016- Art-book Catalogue first edition.
2007-Vértigo Mexican Magazine 25 / Marzo/ 2007


House of Cultures of Mexico in Paris,“Les ponts”, Paris 2007
Art Festival Blue-Valentine, Paris Video Video „Sequence“ 2006
Organization in Exhibition Gildo Medina, Paris 2006
Production of 30 videos for the governmental company INFONAVIT, Mexico 2006
Video “Magic Afternoon” of Wolfgang Bauer with Jonathan Meese. Angela Richter, Daniel Richter. Kampenagel theater. Hamburg, Germany 2005
Video “Ralf Metzenmacher” ex boss-Design of the Company PUMA, Bamberg,  Germany. 2005
ETA Hoffmann theater.  Video “Eloisa Está debajo un almendro” from Enrique Gardiel Poncera .Bamberg, Germany 2004
Documentary film about the theater project Magic Afternoon in the Kampenagel theater with artists such as Daniel Richter, Jonathan Messe. Hamburg, Germany. 2004
Artistic video” Where you” in Bamberg, Germany. 2004
Reportage about the theater project “Los Figurantes” in the University of Bamberg.Bamberg, Germany 2003
Documentary film about a handicaps factory “Es gibt nur eine Welt” Kulmbach, Germany. 2003
First edition of Film festival Docupolis in Barcelona, Spain Art video “Auto-Conscience”.2001



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